Tree Paeony Kinshe (summer)


Kinshe has large double yellow/apricot flowers with a crimson edge. Although Tree paeonies are slow growing, they can grow up to 2 metres.

Tree Paeonies require sunny conditions and a well drained soil and may be left undisturbed. They prefer an alkaline soil, so please, add Dolomite or garden lime to your soil should it be too acidic. These plants also love old, well decayed, manures. During dormancy in winter the stem should not be pruned but left alone! Only on old Tree Paeonies where the shape of the plant has gone astray may careful pruning be considered. (See free cultural notes.) Please order these before June! 

These prefer a well-drained, moderately fertilized, alkaline soil. Plant these in the full sun, but in a cold position. The first year the plant will develop a good root system. In the first year, the plant will develop a good root system. In the following years, more shoots and flowers will appear. Use plenty of well-rotted manure, compost and lime.