Snowdrops, Snowflakes & Fritillaria

Leucojums or Snowflakes as these are commonly called are sometimes confused with Snowdrops (Galanthus) which is ofcourse a different bulb species. Snowflakes are easy to grow and excellent for naturalizing and are not unlike Daffodils in their requirements.

Snowdrops are Galanthus, which comes from Greek with 'gala' meaning milk and 'anthos' meaning flower. Galanthus nivalis is the most well-known snowdrop as it is native to a large part of Europe. However, nivalis tends not to grow as well in Australia. Galanthus elwesii can handle more sun and warmer conditions and is therefore more suited to Australian conditions. but still needs some semi-shade. All Galanthus bulbs are suited for naturalizing.

Fritillaria meleagris or 'Snakehead'  leads this section. This popular Fritillaria is easy to grow and to naturalize. Other Fritillarias are now also available. Fritillaria’s prefer well drained conditions and are well suited to potculture. Added sand to potting soil is recommended and avoid watering after plants start to die down.