Scilla Campanulata (spring)


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Scilla Campanulata are also known as Spanish blue bells and are native to Spain and Portugal. They are available in blue. Pink is sold out. Growing to a height of 25cm, they make excellent borders. These are sold per 10, per 50 or per 100. Please note that the price per 100 includes extra postage for bulk orders.

Most scilla are hardy and easy to naturalise. It is recommended to leave them in the ground. Scilla can be planted in the full sun and in partial shade and prefer a fertile, well-drained soil. They can be grown in borders and rock gardens. Scilla are native to Europe, southern Africa and Asia. 

Scillas also known as Blue Bells are very popular because of the English and the Spanish Blue Bell fame (Scilla campanulata). These are excellent for naturalizing in the garden.