Growing Tulips

apricot-beauty-front-2013w.jpgStore tulip bulbs in a cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated place until cooling or planting time. In March, the bulbs may be pre-cooled in the fridge, for 6 weeks or more, until planting time in April/ May. Tulips require a sunny well drained position in the colder regions of Australia, while in the warmer parts a semi-shaded position is best. Clumps of one variety will look best. Plant the bulbs in May in well drained or built up bed, 10 cm deep and 15 cm apart. Work in plenty of well decayed manure, compost or blood and bone, while in acid soils a little lime or dolomite should be added a few weeks before planting. Spray with a fungicide to prevent fungus disease and use an insecticide to prevent the occurrence of bulb aphids. Tulip bulbs should be dug when leaves become yellow and start to die off. The bulbs can then be dried, peeled and stored (at room temperature) until cooling or planting time.

Rockery and Specie Tulipsdo not need refrigeration and can be left in the ground for many years provided that no excessive irrigation takes place during the dormancy period.

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