Convallaria 'Lily of the Valley' (summer)


Convallaria, ‘Lily of the Valley’ or Convallaria majalis are great in the garden and in pots. These need to be planted in a cool and semi-shaded position. Lily of the Valley are known for their fragrance and will form clumps in the garden. These flower mid Spring and have small white bell-like flowers. They are hardy plants growing to about 20-30 cm. 

Plant 5 cm deep in a moist, humus rich but well drained soil in a partially shaded position. Always plant these plants a.s.a.p. after arrival. The plants prefer to be left undisturbed for many years. Convallaria can also be grown in pots. Plant in Winter, leave pots in the ground and lift pots when due to flower. Place pots back in garden after flowering.