Ball Dahlia Shirley Yeomans (summer)


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Shirley Yeomans is a Ball Dahlia which has mauve flowers. Ball Dahlias have sphere shaped flowers of about 5-7 cm. These can grow to 1 metre and taller.

Dahlia tubers always out perform expectations as these produce masses of colourful flowers in several shapes and sizes during Summer and Autumn. These are fairly easy to grow and should be kept well watered during the warm days of summer. These so called 'old fashion' flowers are coming back into fashion and will never disappoint. For optimum performance the tubers should be lifted every year but in some well drained soils could be left for a couple of years or more before these are lifted and divided.

Dahlia tubers should be planted in Spring after the frosts. They prefer a sunny position protected from strong winds. Plant the tubers about 5-10 cm deep and about 60 cm apart in a rich, well-drained soil using plenty of well decayed manure, compost and/or blood and bone. Make sure that the ‘buds’ or ‘eyes’of the tubers are placed upwards. Always ensure that the soil is nice and moist during the growing period. Removing old flowers will promote further flowering. Dahlias can be harvested and divided every 2-3 years during Winter, by cutting the stems to 15 cm, then allow to dry before digging. Store the tubers in a cool, dark and well ventilated place.