Asiatic Lilium Black Charm (summer)


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Black Charm is an Asiatic lilium with black flowers. This lilium grows to about 100 cm.

Longiflorum/Asiatic (L.A.) Lilium cross have large flowers on strong stems. They grow to approx. 1.2m. These come in strong and vibrant colours. Both Asiatic and L.A. Liliums are easy to grow. The liliums are tall and upright making them excellent cutflowers. These may be left in the ground for several seasons.

LILIUMS need to be planted immediately after arrival and should not be allowed to dry out. Plant the bulbs in Winter or early Spring, 20-30 cm apart, in a well fertilized and drained soil. Add some mulch to provide cool growing conditions for the root system. They prefer a sunny or semi shaded (filtered sunlight) position. Excellent cutflowers. It is best to remove old flower heads. Bulbs can be left in the ground and should be fertilized during late Winter. Transplant the bulbs (if needed) during Winter taking care not to let them dry out. They grow to approximately 1 metre or taller. Asiatic Liliums Grown for their colours, these liliums are hardy and can be left in the ground when planted in a well-drained soil. Also suitable for pots but should be planted in the garden the following year. Water regularly when growing liliums in pots.