About Us

Our History

The Barnhoorn family has been involved in bulb cultivation since the late 1850's in the bulb district of Noordwijk aan Zee, Holland,about-vogelvry.jpg where three generations of our family were involved in bulb growing, cultivating Tulip and Narcissus (Daffodil) bulbs as well as Crocus and Gladioli corms. Our small farm is nestled in the hills 500 m above sea level near the township of Lachlan, which is about 40 km from Tasmania's capital, Hobart. The climate in Lachlan is favourable to the growing of bulb species. We started to experiment with many types of bulb species in late 1983 and started to grow flower bulbs on a commercial boutique scale in 1987 for our mail-order bulb business. 


Our Business

We are a small family business supplying bulbs for the domestic retail market. We grow more than 140 Tulip cultivars including some rare varieties. The tulip bulbs and also other bulb opening-hours-2019.jpgspecies are mainly used for our Australia wide mail-order bulb catalogue. The bulbs are despatched to our gardening friends, but also for the supply to nurseries and garden centres in Tasmania and in other states of Australia. We are traditional bulb growers using traditional skills and methods to grow our bulbs. This results in the production of quality bulb stocks. We still name all tulip bulbs we grow and sell according to the Classified List and International Register of Tulip Names which is produced by the Royal General Bulb Grower's Association (KAVB), Hillegom, The Netherlands. 

Our Range

As well as our impressive variety of Tulip cultivars, we have over the years expanded and now also have a range of Hyacinth & Daffodils bulbs, Crocus corms and collectors items such as, Fritillarias and Galanthus (Snow Drops). Crocus Sativus, commonly known as Saffron Crocus, is one of the most sought after products. It is very easy to grow and would be an ideal addition to any garden. 

The Barnhoorn Family - January 2022